• Codependency and Love Addiction

    Codependency and Love Addiction

    It’s time to discover how and why love gets hijacked.

    • Do you feel disconnected or overly enmeshed with others?
    • Do you feel you’re responsible for other’s big feelings?
    • Do you determine how you feel by what feelings others are experiencing?
    • Do you struggle to articulate your needs? Or, believe it’s even okay to have them?

    If you spend enormous energy trying to please others and control the relationship and environment, codependency coaching can help.

    You may not know that love is addictive. When you are in love, your brain reacts with a hormone called Oxytocin. Love addiction is just as real as any other addiction. It’s easy to get addicted to the “high” that love creates and your system keeps chasing it with codependent tendencies.

    This imbalanced drive to be connected combined with low self-esteem, unrealistic beliefs about relational connection, and dismissing your own needs is a dangerous pattern that leads to repeated patterns of pain. You may feel isolated and alone or distracted by the choices of your loved one.

    This can also happen in friendships and other family and community relationships. Struggling in a relationship with another addict is the original view of codependency. However, over time it has expanded and has many different presentations.

    • Do you feel guilty for not being able to control someone else’s destructive behavior?
    • Have you given up trying to express your needs?
    • Do you feel the need to control other people to make you feel less anxious?
    • Do you struggle to set and hold boundaries?

    These are all human experiences that can be out of balance and extreme. The parts of us that have codependent and love addicted tendencies are in some way trying to protect us, but have become ways in which we stay disconnected from real love and fulfillment.

    You deserve freedom from these old ways of thinking and behaving.

    Help and recovery is possible. Let us help you get on the road to true and lasting recovery.