• Grief and Loss

    Grief and Loss

    Loss plays a part in every life, and it's natural to struggle with strong and painful emotions. How we deal with grief and loss is something we learn, whether through personal experience or watching the actions of others.

    If you feel stuck in grief and cannot escape feelings of sadness, emptiness, and fear, or feel unable to move forward with your life, we can help. We are built to heal. We can help you learn how to recover and move forward with and in grief.

    Grieving doesn't only occur after the loss of a close friend or family member, people grieve for a limitless number of reasons.

    Loss of a Relationship: We grieve the loss of our friendships and relationships of all sorts. There's a reason that it's called heartache. We grieve a lover's infidelity, the change in the health of a loved one, and often the pain of betrayal follows us for years. All of these situations, and more, are unique in their process of healing.

    Miscarriage & Birth: The connection that forms between a pregnant mother, expecting partner and unborn child is incredibly intimate and when circumstance severs that bond prematurely, it can be devastating for both parents.

    Loss of a Job & Career: Losing a job can make us feel inadequate, or even remorseful if we feel as though we did something wrong. We may feel we were treated unfairly or feel a loss of community. With time, these emotions of worthlessness and self-blame can translate into intense grief. Grief can feel slippery and when it's not processed, can begin to look more like anxious or heavy feelings.

    Loss of a Dream: Health, finances, and family can all prove to change and provide deep losses over a lifetime. "Death of a Salesman" to "A Raisin in the Sun", there's a reason why so many great works of literature detail the death of a dream. When you lose that thing that you've worked so hard for or have always dreamed about achieving, it can be difficult to understand your place in life, or where to head next.

    Moving: Moving is a unique category of loss that combines many of the aforementioned topics, from loss of relationships (through physical distance) to loss of a job (having to start your career over somewhere new), to loss of contact with everyday places that you came to love even if you didn't notice it at the time.

    Faith deconstruction, adoption, estrangement, unexpected parenting, and a thousand other types of losses change how we see life and purpose.

    Let us help you sort through the feelings and walk with you into a new normal and healing. Contact us today for a complimentary phone consultation.