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    Welcome to the Examine Your Hedman podcast.

    You've found a podcast about the many paths to healing. Tara Hedman and Diane Thompson, best friends for nearly 35 years, are the podcast cohosts.

    Tara and Diane invite all makes and models of humans to share their stories. They are individuals who have looked life right in the face and said, "there has to be a better way". We search through stories of relationships, anxiety, spirituality, trauma, family, shame, and longing.

    They dive deep into their pain, loss, love, and fear, but more importantly, their healing! And, all the different paths they have taken to find it. Please join us. You just may find connection and clarity of your own along the way.

    Examine your head, man, because life really can suck less!

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    Please note: this podcast is not a substitute for a therapeutic relationship with a mental health professional.