• Spiritual Trauma and Abuse

    Spiritual Trauma and Abuse

    It’s time to demystify spiritual trauma and abuse.

    • Have you been wounded under the guise of God?
    • Do your once deeply held beliefs no longer fit?
    • Was there a time when your faith felt certain?
    • Are you feeling isolated and alone?
    • Have your honest questions brought criticism and shame?

    Spiritual Trauma and Abuse Come in Many Forms

    Spiritual trauma and abuse come in many forms, and the wounded often feel alone on the journey of recovery. At Hedman Wellness we take spirituality and spiritual abuse, in all its forms, seriously. We offer a safe, and open environment for spiritual trauma and abuse healing.

    We understand the confusion and pain that comes when others have used the sacredness of spirituality as a weapon.

    When our soft place to fall has become a fear-based, shame-inducing experience, the chaos internally can grow very dark.

    Healing is possible.

    Healing in a safe environment is essential. But what happens when nothing feels safe anymore?

    In spiritual abuse healing, we provide a judgment-free environment where you can be exactly who you are. Even if “who you are” feels very uncertain. We provide a place where the questions you have, the feelings you experience, and the entirety of your story matter.

    Hedman Wellness Services is intimately familiar with the betrayal, shame, and fear that comes with spiritual trauma and abuse. We personally know the value of customized help and a facilitator who is agenda-free, and the importance of someone who will allow you to say and be exactly who you are without a hint of shame or control.

    We also understand the difficulty of seeking assistance when those in positions of authority have been unsafe and damaging. Thinking about opening up can be too overwhelming. For spiritual abuse and spiritual trauma healing to be effective we are guided by your pace.

    You are in charge. We are here to support and allow you to find your center. We believe you have everything you need for a joyful, free life. We’d be honored to help you find it.

    Complimentary phone consultations are available.