• Testimonials


    Hedman Wellness brought together my very separate worlds of 'what I wanted to do and be' and 'how the heck do I get there'. I was unfamiliar with IFS, and found it to be profound. It changed the way I see myself and the world. You'll be so glad you called.
    Tara Hedman is a well respected clinician and leader who is knowledgeable and empathetic. She truly listens to understand, and builds relationships quickly. She is a thoughtful human who uses her love as a superpower.
    Tara Hedman is a talented and wonderful coach. She is compassionate and very skilled in her approach to moving forward and the healing process. I am beyond grateful for her knowledge and kindness throughout our time together. I trust Tara in all aspects of our time together.
    Whenever I spend time with Tara, I always come away feeling educated, enlightened, and better equipped for whatever I may be dealing with or what lies ahead. Tara is the safest and most intelligent person I've had the pleasure of having in my life. Her experience and consultation is authentic and real.
    Tara Hedman is an amazing human. She's wise and compassionate. She truly cares about helping others find healing and freedom in their lives. If you need support, direction, or care, don't hesitate to reach out. Working with her will change your life!!
    Tara is one of the brightest, most intuitive and thoughtful people I know. Her experiences in life and learning have been a huge help for me, both personally and professionally. She has always been a safe place, never afraid to tell me the truth yet always gently.
    Hedman Wellness has given me a new path in healing. I didn't know what I needed when I initially called. I was feeling lost. I have since felt supported and seen. Others in my life often mention the changes they see in me.
    Tara has been kind and passionate about my life experience and healing from the moment I met her. She listens with insight and is open handed in her approach. She brings a deep wisdom in IFS and I'm so glad I found her.
    Hedman Wellness is the gold standard in IFS. It is life changing work in a safe and compassionate environment. I highly recommend Hedman Wellness!
    Lucky you! You found Tara. Tara is a coach who listens and honors your goals. Tara's experience and professional compassion will guide you towards personal growth, through obstacles, and into the you dream of living. I'm forever grateful to have found Tara.
    Tara Hedman is both compassionate and affirming. She is direct and gentle in her approach to our time together, and with goals and results. Her humor and joy make the process so enjoyable. I highly recommend her!
    It's crazy hard to find assistance or mentorship that really fits. Hedman Wellness offers only the best. Truly. And if you find you need something different, they'll support you and help you find what you need. Their aim and the desire is to help you in your journey, whatever that means for you. I have experienced this first hand. I trust them wholeheartedly.