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    Hedman Wellness

    Are you sick of feeling stuck? Tired of patterns in your life that seem unchangeable? You’ve come to the right place. There is hope.

    We know there are many options when it comes to healing paths. We also know that your story, experiences and desires are unique to you.

    Let us help you find the road that fits you best. We believe that you have everything you need to build the life you desire. We believe that the truest YOU is still there. But, life is tough and often covers up the most creative, confident, and clear parts of ourselves.

    Coaching is a powerful option when you connect the right coach with the right client at the right time. In every sense of the word, it is life changing.

    We believe you know yourself better than anyone else. Sometimes, we need another person for perspective, clarity, and context. We are built to heal. Truly heal.

    The transitions, needs, and hope that you grapple with minute by minute can be made new. We see it daily with those willing to step into something new.

    The reason we do this work is because we have experienced the healing and clarity ourselves. Living the life you want in the way you want with those you want is the dream. It is available to you. Let’s find it together.


    If it feels like your life is stuck between yes and no, between all in and resigned, that’s truly a great place to be.

    We can have compassion and care for those parts of us that seem in conflict. The healing is a beautiful thing to witness. And experience.

    I know what it means to be lost, torn, empty, and still know, down deep, that life must have more to offer.

    Two decades ago, there were two helpers who believed in me before I believed in myself. Without them, I would not be here. After several suicide attempts in a life of confusion and chaos, I needed help. Actual help!

    I know the value of having an ally in someone who can truly help from life experience, not just in theory. It is life changing.

    Nothing brings me more joy than working with folks who know there is more to life, but feel lost in a way to find the “more”. Being able to walk beside individuals in support and purpose as they find their way to a life of fulfillment is my greatest love.

    It would be my honor to walk with you. We are built to heal!


    Tara is the owner and founder of Hedman Wellness Services in beautiful Colorado. She is a level 3 trained Certified IFS Practitioner, is Certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, as well as a Certified Trauma-Informed Trainer. Tara specializes in spiritual trauma, high-control groups, relational and family of origin concerns. She is a coach, writer, speaker, and podcaster who loves to knit, garden, and walk with others on their healing journeys.