• Giving Back

    Giving Back

    Hedman Wellness Services is an official partner and sponsor of Love146.

    For every session you have with Hedman Wellness, a portion of the proceeds goes to support children rescued from child trafficking and the prevention of further exploitation.

    Why Love146?

    We were introduced to Love 146 many years ago. When we heard they provide trauma recovery and care for children rescued out of trafficking, our ears perked up. Trauma-informed care is a very specialized field, and we take it very seriously.

    As we began researching what kind of care they provide, it became evident Hedman Wellness and Love146 have very similar hearts toward those they serve. While our clientele are quite different, much of the need is the same. Safe places, listening ears, effective recovery, empowered lives, and resources for long-term recovery.

    And, as it turns out, Love146 is the real deal. They have taken into account every aspect of treatment and care. From the treehouse used for therapy sessions to the shape and size of bedrooms to long-term integration into families and communities. They provide the resources necessary for healing.

    In addition, Love146 provides expert training to teachers, practitioners, and law enforcement officers giving them tools to identify and support victims, as well as prevent further trafficking of children.

    They believe in the power of love and its ability to effect sustainable change. Love is the foundation of their motivation. The same is true for Hedman Wellness Services and our staff.

    You help support children in need every time you and your family receive care with us.

    Check out the story that gave Love 146 its start and its name: