• Trauma Recovery

    Trauma Recovery

    Many people have experienced some form of trauma during their lives. Whether it was a painful childhood, a difficult relationship, rejection, public humiliation, physical or emotional injury, abuse, neglect, estrangement, or assault, it can become extraordinarily difficult to move forward. Trauma recovery can help.

    While trauma comes in many forms, it can be easy to recognize experiences as traumatic for others, but we hesitate to call our own experiences trauma. Regardless of what you call it, we are built to heal.

    Unresolved issues of trauma may show up in the following symptoms:

    • Fears and anxious feelings
    • Distorted thinking
    • Isolation or withdrawing from people, places, and things
    • Difficulty connecting with others or self
    • Emotional and physical intimacy issues
    • Feeling triggered or having difficulty managing emotions
    • Avoidance of reminders of certain events
    • Feeling outside of your body or emotionally numb
    • Changes to sleep or appetite
    • Getting “stuck” in the memory, or feeling as though it is happening now

    We are professionals in trauma recovery for adults.
    As IFS practitioners, we believe strongly in doing our trauma work so we can provide you with exceptional care. We believe we can’t give what we don’t have.

    Symptoms of trauma can feel utterly confusing and create a deep sense of destabilization. We are here to help.

    Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. You deserve to be cared for, heard, and believed. We are here for you.